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Rath Racing 2011 Photo Contest Information:


Submit your GREATEST Motorsports photo from 2011!

Tag Rath Racing in the photo on FaceBook
E-mail photo to
(1 Photo Only!)

Your Name
Location of Photo
Photo Credit (who took the photo)
Short Quote/Caption of photo

Winner will recieve:
Grab bag of goodies including, (In your size)
Rath Sweatshirt
Rath T Shirt
Rath Winter Hat
Rath Sticker pack

Photos submitted must be of you or taken by you.
*We have a photoshop wizard ready to sniff out any fake edits!


Submission of photos ends on Wed, Jan 4th at 12pm (Noon) Central Time.
On Friday Jan 6th the Top 20 photo submissions will be added to Rath Racing’s Facebook page. YOU AND YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS ARE THE JUDGES! To win is simple. Invite your friends and get your photo to have the most “LIKES” in 7 days! The Contest ends on Fri, Jan 13th at Noon Central Time. As mentioned, The winning photo will be the photo with the most “Likes”. Photos should be high quality. (no cell phone pictures)

  You will receive an e-mail if you are one of the 20 finalists. By submitting a photo you give Rath Racing permission to use your photo for promotional purposes. All parties enter in good faith. We will watermark our logo on the bottom of each of the 20 final photos.

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